For Nail Polish/Gel

Magic Mirror Solvent resistant Metallic pigment powder

This Magic mirror pigment has the best solvent resistance and excellent metallic luster when apply in Nail Polish and nail gel.
Its finest size D50: 40um can achieve mirror reflection effect when apply on Nail tips, and keep perfect brightness as well.
Product Name: Metallic pigment powder , Metallic foils
Other Name: Magic Mirror pigment powder
Features: Excellent solvent resitance in Nail polish / Strong mirror reflection and metallic luster / High brightness.
Chemical ingredients: Synthetic resin  / Aluminum / Pigment
Particle size:  10-45um (S);  30-80um (M); 80-150um (L)
Sample MOQ: 10g per color
Order MOQ: 100g per color
Standard Packing : 200g per Bag/Jar