For Cosmetics
For Cosmetics
Cosmetic Grade Multi Chrome Pigment
Orcheer produce and supply multi chrome pigments which can comply with US and European cosmetic raw material restrictions. Different from most multi chrome pigments on the market which include Chrome as a main ingredient, our cosmetic grade multi chrome pigment can pass the heavy metal content testing, you can use them to produce eye shadow, lipstick, nail polish without worry.
Multi chrome pigment is a popular name of Optical variable pigment, which is originally developed as a luxury pigment for anti-counterfeiting printing. As its magic color shift effect, ultra-sparkle metallic luster, it attracts wide attention of cosmetic manufactures.

Colored Chameleon pearl pigment
It’s Orcheer new developed luxury pigment specially for Cosmetics. Whether looking the pigment powder itself, or applying them on skin or lips, they show 2 or more beautiful sparkling colors and diamond like luster. All chemical ingredients in this colored chameleon pearl pigment are comply with the U.S. and EU cosmetic raw material restrictions.
FDA color coated pearl pigment
We produce this series pearl pigment specially for cosmetics and Food contact products. all color additives used are permitted for use in Cosmetics according to relevant regulation of FDA. These series colored pearl pigment include different particle size, synthetic mica base or Borosilicate glass base with different brightness, price, looking for your inquiry!
Cosmetic grade Glitter
Orcheer Cosmetic grade Glitter is composed of antimony (Sb)-free PET, acrylate copolymer, alumina and color additives approved by the US FDA for cosmetics. It’s non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, and low heavy metal, ideal for cosmetics, toys, clothing and food package. We have nearly hundred colors for your choice including Silver, Gold, Colored, Holographic, Chameleon and iridescent series.
Standard packing for bulk supply is 25kg per carton.
Customized packaging of Multi colors in one set available too!