Glitter powder
Glitter powder
Orcheer is a Chinese Glitter powder manufacturer and wholesaler with over 200 colors in stock, our glitter powder is widely used in Arts & Crafts, Fabrics, Plastics injection, screen printing, Cosmetics and Nail polish, greeting cards and so on, to bring shimmer or sparkle appearance.
The Raw materials of Orcheer’s glitter powder:
  Base Material Coating layers Material
Industrial grade PET, BOPET film, AL foil Good quality color additives
Degradable/ Cosmetic grade Sb free PET
FD&C Color additives
D&C color additives
The Size :
Orcheer’s glitter particle size range from Dust 0.002” to Fine 0.008” to Chunky 0.004” to X-Large 0.125”, other size can be custom made base on 100-300KGS MOQ.

The shapes:
Our best sales glitter powder shapes are hexagon/round/irregular/five star/heart, want more shapes such as snow, moon, water drop, smiling face, lucky clover, please kindly contact with our sales team.

The color chart: