Chameleon pigment

Chameleon Iridesent - More color

Chameleon Iridescent color change pigment
Also called color shift pigment, optically variable pigment
Ideal for Cosmetics, Painting, Printing, Plastic, Coating, Resin Art.
Free sample available.
Pearlescent Pigment - Chameleon iridescent color change effect
Also called optically variable pigment, flip flop pigment, color shift pigment,

Natural mica / synthetic mica / Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate based material, multi-layers metallic oxide coating
Natural mica based pigment show soft and color shift pearl luster
Synthetic mica base pigment shows higher chroma, purity, brightness color shift pearl luster
C.A.B. base pigment show diamond like color change luster

Low additive percentage and excellent dispersion

Color No. Particle size (um) Color shift
VT71123MS 20-80 Gold-Red-Lilac
VT71345MS 20-80 Lilac blue green
VT71512MS 20-80 Green-gold-Red
VT71734MS 20-80 Red purple blue
VT72123MS 20-80 Red purple blue
VT71128Y 10-125 Golden red violet
VT71284Y 10-125 Red violet blue
VT71345Y 10-125 Lilac blue green
VT71734Y 10-125 Red purple blue
VT76861MT 20-200 Gold-reddish orange-red
VT76862MT 20-200 Gold-red-purple
VT76863MT 20-200 Red-purple-blue
VT76864MT 20-200 Purple-blue-bluish green
VT76865MT 20-200 Bluish green-green-gold


Upscaled coating, auto painting, Decorative paint, Packing material, Leather pigment, Cosmetics
Certifications: MSDS, TDS, COA, SGS
Packing details:
25kgs per carton box/ drum
450kgs per tray / pallet
About 6750kg per 20GP