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How to know which kind of Chameleon pigment is you really want?

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Author : Joyce Dong
Update time : 2022-11-13 19:09:16
Chameleon Pigment
1. What is chameleon pigment?
Chameleon pigment is not a professional term, but a general call for pigments that can exhibit a color-changing effect under certain conditions. The factors that cause the color change phenomenon can be specific light, temperature, visual angle, etc.
2. Types of Chameleon Pigments
Common chameleon pigments include Chameleon pearl pigment, Optical chameleon pigments , Thermochromic pigment (temperature-sensitive pigments), and Photochromic pigment (UV-sensitive pigments). We will focus on the first 2 types in this article.

  Chameleon pearl pigment
(Chameleon mica powder)
Optical Chameleon Pigment
(Multichrome, Chameleon Aurora
 Optical variable pigment)
Similarities 1. Both are dry powder pigments that show variable color effect as the person's viewing angle changes, so both are called optical variable pigment also.
2. The color shift range of both is : Gold- Brown- Red- Magenta- Purple- Blue- Turquoise-Green.

3. Both chameleon pigments have a metallic luster.
Color effect Bright, shimmering but relatively soft metallic color,
with a certain degree of transparency
High chroma, saturation and covering power,
Shows stronger metallic feeling and
mirror reflection effect.
Particle size
10-45um to 50-200um 5-30um to 500-2000um
Depth around 1/10 of particle size < 1um
Use finely processed natural mica/synthetic mica/borosilicate as base material, add purified water, stir and heat to the required temperature and PH value, add required chemicals (metallic salt solution etc.), after hydrolysis and deposition, coating layers of different thicknesses are formed on the surface of base material, to obtain different chameleon pearl colors. Usually take aluminum or other inert pure metal as core layer material, using vacuum coating technology and physical vapor deposition process, to get ultra-thin metal reflective layer and transparent interference coating layers.
By precisely controlling the thickness of every coating layer, we can get different color shift effects.
Monthly output
(Similar medium workshop size)
About 300Ton About 150KG
Market price Economic Expensive
Application Widely used in cosmetics, coatings, inks, printing, artificial leather, plastics, epoxy resins and other fields Mainly used in anti-counterfeiting printing, Cars & Motorcycle, handicraft spraying at present,
Limited by high cost and heavy metal control issues, the application in cosmetics is relatively rare.
Prospection Through continuously exploration and innovation of production technology, the brightness and color saturation of chameleon pearl pigment have been greatly improved. For example, the CS-X35/42/43/53/65 series recently launched by Orcheer, some of the colors can comparable to optical chameleon.
Because of its affordable price and its heavy metal content can be strictly controlled, it has an irreplaceable market position.
At present, most manufacturers are committed to seeking effective solutions of heavy metal control,  hoping to get pigment series that meet the requirements of European and American cosmetic raw materials restrictions.
Orcheer has launched CS-H300 cosmetic-grade colored series, started the colored optical chameleon pigment's application in cosmetics industry.

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