For Nail Polish/Gel

Super bright Silver Magnetic pigment - HY001

It has the apperance of Real Sliver, strong metallic luster and Mirror Reflection effect, super brightness.
Its Nickel coating layers give it high magnetic sensitivity, under the action of magnetic sheet, various beautiful patterns are generated.
Product Name:  Super bright Silver Magnetic pigment 
Color code: HY001

Features: Super brightness/ High magnetic sensitivity / Real silver like appearence/ Solvent resistant 
Can be mixed with other pigment with certain transparency 

Sample MOQ: 20g per color
Order MOQ: 100g per color
Standard packing: 200g per jar / 1KG per jar / 18kgs per Carton
Main Appication:
Nail polish, Nail gel, Anti-counterfeit labels printing, Artificial leather...
Magnetic field stencil for generating customized pattern available.
Main Chemical ingredients:  SiO2, Al, Ni, Si (Not cosmetic grade according to FDA/EU raw materials regulation)