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Optical variable pigment - Chameleon Aurora Iridescent flakes

Orcheer chameleon aurora iridescent flakes is Nano-size super thin pigment, light as feature, cosmetic grade, very small quantity will create amazing color shift effect,suitable for any color base.
Optical variable pigment - Chameleon Aurora Iridescent flakes

Its a high-grade effect pigment, takes silica as base material, adopts advance vacuum coating technolgy, by nanoscale precision thickness control of lamellar films, to get extremely high chroma, color saturation and color shift effect.
Thin as a cicada's wing, lighter than bird feathers. The flowing luster is like neon clothes dancing under light, as mysterious as the changes of polar night, Safe and gentle to skin, comply with EU/FDA cosmetic raw material regulations.

Composition: Silica, TiO2

Particle size: 50-3000 um

Sample MOQ: 10g per color
Order MOQ: 100g per color

Remarks: Not approved for lip applications in the US and Europe