For Nail Polish/Gel

Optical variable pigment, Multichrome chameleon effect

This optical variable pigment has extremely high chroma, magic color shift effect from different visual angle, very strong metallic feeling, less than 1um thickness. Also called multi-chrome pigment, widely used in Nail polish, Nail gel, Anti counterfeit
Nail polish,Gel Use Optical variable pigment

Totally 21 standard colors available.
Recommended particle size for nail polish, gel: 10-60um ( D50: 30-40um)

Main features:
1. Super high Chroma and strong metallic luster.
2. Strong color changing effect from different visual angle.
3. Less than 1um thickness bring excellent leveling, ultra-low addition ratio can achieve perfect color effect. (Suggest addition ratio: 1-4%)
4. Can be mixed with other pigments with a certain transparency, high hiding or opaque colors will affect the color effect of this pigment.

Sample MOQ: 10g per color ( Shipped by Fedex, DHL, Logistics agents)
Order MOQ: 100g per color 

Standard Packing: 200g per plastic jar 

SDS, TDS, Heavy metal reports, No-animal testing statements available.