Pigment Powder Kits

Mica pigment powder in 10g, 5g plastic jar, for Epoxy resin, candle, soap, slime, cosmetics, nails

Plastic jar packed mica pigment powder
10g-0.35OZ, 5g-0.18OZ per jar
102 standard colors, 30+ chameleon colors for your option
Customized Logo and Label sticks available
MOQ: 500 Jars per color
Mica pigment powder packed in jar / bottle
Orcheer’s versatile mica pearl pigment powder is an safe, eco-friendly inorganic colorant, working well with both oil and water based medium such as:
Vanish, epoxy resin, acrylics, inks,  glues, clay, plastics, it helps to bring brilliant shimmer/ pearl / metallic luster to your products.
Particle size: 10-60um, 5-25um, 20-100um
Temperature resistance up to 316oC
Acid/ Alkali/ Acr resistant
No rust / tranish

Hand soap pigment, Bath bomb colorant, Children Slime pigment, Candle pigment
Epoxy resin pigment powder, Clay pigment,  Printing pigment, pearlescent color masterbatch pigment
Eye shadow shimmer pigment powder, Lip stick shimmer pigment, Lip gloss pigment

Net Weight per jar / Bottle: 
1). 5g - 0.18OZ
2). 10g - 0.35OZ

More than 100 colors for your option