Pearlescent Pigment for Industrial

Metallic - Natural Mica Base

Metallic Luster Pearlescent Pigment
Natural mica platelets coated with Iron dioxide
Popular for eye-shadow,  Epoxy Resin
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Pearlesecnt Pigment - Metallic series:
Natural mica coated with Fe2O3
Creat natural look of stone or marble appearance
High temperature resistance, weather resistance
Easy to disperse
Economic and cost effective

VT4001 10-60 um Bronze Bright Bronze Metallic Luster
VT4002 10-60 um Red Brown Bright Red Brown Metallic luster
VT4003 10-60 um Wine Red Bright Wine Red Metallic luster
VT4004 10-60 um Purple Red Bright Purple Red Metallic Luster
VT4006 10-60 um Coffee Bright Coffee Metallic Luster
VT4007 10-60 um Dark Brown Bright Dark Brown Metallic luster
VT4021 5-25 um Satin Brown Soft Bronze Metallic luster
VT4022 5-25 um Satin Red Brown Soft Red Brown Metallic luster
VT4023 5-25 um Satin Wine Brown Soft Wine Red Brown Metallic luster
VT4024 5-25 um Satin Purple Red Soft Purple Red  Metallic luster

Solid content:
Mica     61%-65%       CAS No.:12001-26-2
Fe2O3   35%-39%       CAS No.: 1309-37-1

Leather pigment, epoxy floor paint

Certifications: MSDS, TDS, COA, SGS
Packing details:
25kgs per carton box/ drum
450kgs per tray / pallet
About 6750kg per 20GP