For Nail Polish/Gel

Magic silver mirror effect nail powder

Precious high purity Ag coated Micron-sized Calcium Aluminum Borosilcate, 100% cosmetic grade.
Perfect mirror effect and Pure silver metallic effect
Suitable for any color base
Ocheer Luxury Silver coated pearl pigment

Precious real metal Ag coated Micron-sized Calcium Aluminum Borosilcate.
Pure and safe, gentle to skin, comply with FDA/EU cosmetics raw material regulations.
As its total reflection of incident light, silver coated pearls is the most sparkling, most briliant metallic pigments.
Noble pure silver texture, best covering powder, excellent conduction and sterilization.

Big particle size will bring super sparkle fireworks effect.

This pigment may occurs oxidation reactions in some environments, in actual applications, it is recommended to perform application tests on relevant indicators to confirm whether it meets the applicaiton requirements.

How to get mirror effect Nails?
1. Trim your nail surface.
2. Apply with a thin primer, cured with UV/LED Lamp.
3. Apply colored UV gel (1 or 2 times), cured with UV/LED Lamp.

4. Apply with No washing top coat, cured with UV/LED Lamp.

5. Apply magic silver nail powder with sponge brush, scrub it for a fine mirror effect.

6. Clean nail surface to remove excess powder

7. Apply top coat, cured with UV/Led lamp

8. Finished.