For Nail Polish/Gel

Holographic pigment , rainbow color powder for Nail polish and gel

Super brilliant holographic pigment powder
15um, 35um fine powder, 150-1500um Flakes available
Solvent resistant
Strong rainbow color effect                                           
Can be mixed with other pigment powders

This holographic pigment takes polymer as base material, coated with Aluminum, safe and gentle to skin.
Each flake or powder display rainbow-like plenty colors depending on different visual angle. 

Size: 15um Fine powder / 35um Fine powder / 150-1500um irregular flakes                          
Color: Holographic silver                                         
Style:  Inorganic Pigment
Feature: Super brightness, solvent resistant, can be mixed with other pigment powder.

Application: Nail polish, Nail gel, Cosmetics, Painting, Printing, Coating...

Sample MOQ: 10-20g
Order MOQ: 100-200g
Standard Packing: 200g per jar / 1kg per jar / 18KGS per carton