Pearlescent Pigment for Industrial

Magic Rainbow - Borosilicate Base

Diamond effect iridescent pearl pigment
Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate lamella coated with rutile titanium dioxide
Show ultra pure iridescent colors when light and viewing angle changed
EXW price: USD76.92/kg
MOQ: 25kgs
Delivery time: 7-15days after d
Synthetic Mica Interference pearl pigment
Diamond effect iridescent pearl pigment belongs to interference series, also called borosilicate glass pearl pigment, when light and our viewing angle changed, it shows both diamond like silver luster and Iridescent colors such as gold, red, purple, blue, green and more, it’s a kind of physically optical interference phenomenons.
Diamond effect Iridescent mica takes calcium aluminum borosilicat lamella as base material, coated with rutile titanium dioxide, by control thickness of TiO2 coating layer precisely, we can get different distance gap between light reflected by mica and the one reflected by titanium dioxide, and different interference iridescent colors.
Product Code Particle Size Name
VT8249 10-125 Diamond sparkle gold
VT8259 10-125 Diamond sparkle red
VT8269 10-125 Diamond sparkle violet
VT8289 10-125 Diamond sparkle blue
VT8299 10-125 Diamond sparkle green
VT8247 40-300 Diamond glitter gold
VT8257 40-300 Diamond glitter red
VT8267 40-300 Diamond glitter violet
VT8287 40-300 Diamond glitter blue
VT8297 40-300 Diamond glitter green
Color effect:

1).Cosmetics, daily care and clean products, Nail powders
2). Car painting, wall paint, plastic surface coating

3). Wall paper printing, luxury packing paper, gift paper, craft paper printing
Certifications: MSDS, TDS, COA, SGS
Packing details:
25kgs per carton box/ drum
450kgs per tray / pallet
About 6750kg per 20GP