For Cosmetics

Cosmetic grade Multichrome pigment

1. Cosmetic grade, suitable for eye shadow, nail pollish, lip stick & gloss.
2. Sample of 5 most popular colors available, more colors accept custom made orders.
3. Sample MOQ:  20g per color
4. Order MOQ: 100g per color
5. mailto:
Orcheer Multichrome pigment - Cosmetic grade
This series multi chrome pigments can comply with US and European cosmetic raw material restrictions.
Different from most multi chrome pigments on the market which include Chrome as a main ingredient, all colors of this series can pass the heavy metal content testing, you can use them to produce eye shadow, lipstick, nail polish without worry. 
Multi chrome pigment is a popular name of Optical variable pigment, which is originally developed as a luxury pigment for anti-counterfeiting printing. As its magic color shift effect, ultra-sparkle metallic luster, it attracts wide attention of cosmetic manufactures.