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Dyncolors O series - Optical chameleon Aurora pigment

Item No.: TR21HP, TR50HP,TR51HP,TR53HP,TR54HP
Super fine powder with the highest color concentration and brightness.
Amazing iridescent color effect.
Skin-friendly and easy to use.
Display various color shifting effect on different skin colors.
Cosmetic grade.
MOQ: 100grams per color
Orcheer  Dyncolors-O series chameleon pigment is a high value-added effect pigment for luxury cosmetics, it adopts advanced film interference and vacuum coating technology, by nanoscale precision thickness control of lamellar films, to get extremely high chroma,high color saturation chameleon effect pigment. As its most gorgeous colors, excellent skin-friendly feature, the best mirror effect and covering power, to becomes one of the most popular cosmetic raw materials.

Name: Optical chameleon pigment
Other names: Chameleon aurora pigment; Chameleon iridescent pigment
Color code: TR21HP, TR50HP, TR51HP, TR53HP, TR54HP
Particle size: 5-25um
Application: Cosmetics, Nail polish, Nail gel, Daily clean & care products

Strong Aurora & Iridescent effect
Best brightness & color shift
Best color concentration & covering power
Suitable for all skin colors
Skin-friendly & Easy to use.
Good physical & chemical stability.

Expiration Date: 3years
Brand: Orcheer
Shipment: DHL,Fedex air express, By sea
Payment: T/T, Paypal, Alibaba, LC at sight

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