Pearlescent Pigment for Industrial

Colored - Natural mica base

Pearlescent pigment , plenty of colors
Organic pigments coated pearls
Non-toxic, environmental friendly
Free Sample available
Ideal for Cosmetic, Nail Polish, Slime, Candle, Soap, Resin art...
Pearlescent Pigment - Recolored Series: 
Organic pigments coated pearls

Non-toxic, environmental friendly
Fine weather resistance and heat resistance 
Certifications: MSDS, TDS, COA, SGS
VT3006 10-60um Silver grey Grey silver pearl luster
VT3006J 10-60um Light silver Natural silver color luster
VT3007 10-60um Silver black Bright black pearl luster
VT405B 10-60um Bluish silver Bluestone silver pearl luster
VT3201 10-60um Peach Vivid peach pearl luster
VT403 10-60um Lavender Romantic lavender pearl luster
VT418 10-60um Magenta Lively magenta pearl luster
VT-R72 10-60um Rich red Passionate red pearl luster
VT3202 10-60um Rich blue Vivid rich blue pearl luster
VT400 10-60um Aqua blue Pure Aqua blue pearl luster
VT3022 10-60um Royal blue Noble royal blue pearl luster
VT435 10-60um Indigo Relax indigo pearl luster
VT3203 10-60um Grass green Vivid grass green pearl luster
VT3203A 10-60um Emerald green Luxury emerald green pearl luster
VT435 10-60um Apple green Sweet apple green pearl luster
VT-G72 10-60um Gold green Sparkle gold green pearl luster
VT3204 10-60um Rich Violet Bright rich violet pearl luster
VT3204J 10-60um Lilac Soft Lilac pearl luster
VT3205 10-60um Lemon yellow Vivid lemon yellow pearl luster
VT3635 10-60um Sunset orange Warm sunset orange pearl luster
VT2535 10-60um Rose red gold Graceful rose red gold luster
VT3353 10-60um Rose violet gold Graceful rose violet gold luster
Color Chart:


Bath bomb dye, soap dye, Ceramic Pigments, Coating Pigment, Ink Pigments, Leather Pigments, Plastic & Rubber Pigment, automotive painting, Mosaic, Eye Shadow, Candle Making, Blush, Nail Art, Resin Jewelry, Artist, Craft Projects, epoxy painting
Packing details:
25kgs per carton box/ drum
450kgs per tray / pallet
About 6750kg per 20GP