Glitter powder

Chameleon glitter pigment

Bright and good quality Glitter pigment.
2-5 different colors will appear when viewed from different angles or as the light sweeps.
Mixed size and shapes can be custom made.
2022 New developed  Chameleon glitters 

Raw material: PET film / Thickness: 60um
MOQ: 1KG / Color
Popular size:
.004" 1/256"
.008" 1/128"
.015" 1/64"
.04" 1/24" - 1mm
.08" 1/12" - 2mm
Mixed size and shapes can be custom made.

Standard Packing:
Bulk purchase: 25kgs per double layers waterproof bag or 25kgs per carton box.
Plastic jars packing:  3g / 20g / 50g / 100g  per jar
Plastic bags packing: 10g / 50g / 250g / 1kg  per bag

Orcheer focuses on providing high-quality industrial grade Glitter powder, and cosmetic grade Glitter pigment.
High quality industrial grade means:
1). All the base material we used to produce glitter pigment are New PET plasitc films, not recycling film, not leftovers materials.
2). All the pigments used for film coating have stable formula to ensure that the color of each production lots are stable and qualified brightness.
3). Twice sieved to ensure uniform particle size distribution of the glitter pigment, particles with uneven size and impurities will be filtered out.
4). Last 2hours - 6months in butanone to check solvent resistance according to customer's application requests.
They are widely used in Nail polish,  textiles, artificial lether, children products such as stationeries,Toys, Gifts, Crafts , Epoxy resin, Christmas / hair & body decoration etc.

Payment method: T/T (Bank wire transfer), Paypal, Western Union

Door to door: DHL / Fedex / By Sea 
Standard: By sea, By air