For Nail Polish/Gel

Chameleon Aurora Nail Powder, Mermaid Chrome pigment

Chameleon Aurora Nail powder
Very vivid, highly saturated colors
Strong color changing effect, magic Mermaid chrome appearance
Get different color effect with different base gel color
100% cosmetic grade available.
Optical Variable pigment - Chameleon Aurora Nail Powder

It has a snow-white, pure appearance, safe and gentle, and meets the European and American cosmetic raw material regulations.
At the same time, it is the most magical and changeable color-changing pigment, showing different color-changing effects on the surface of different color base gel or primer.
It can also be mixed with other pigments with a certain transparency, bringing diamond-like luster and star-like sparkle and mysterious.

Sample MOQ: 20g / color
Order MOQ: 100g / color
Standard Packing: 200g / 1000g per plastic jar, 18KGS per Carton.
Main Chemical ingredients: Silica, TiO2