Fluorescent pigment

Fluorescent Pigment, Neon pigment powder

Fluorescent Pigment / Neon pigment powder
Industrial grade
10 standard colors
MOQ: 1KG per color
Mailto : color@orcheer.com
Orcheer standard industrial grade fluorescent pigments are composed of a very special thermoset carrier resin. Other than the irregular shapes of conventional types, their microsphere particles ensure excellent solvent rsistance ( low swelling), low-bleeding, low-migration for inks and paints, as well as exremely low plate-outs in plastic applications. Its very suitable for applications where strong solvents exist and in plasticized formulations.

Features & Benefits:
Excellent resistance to common polar solvents like ketones, esters and alcohols;
Extremely low bleeding, migration and swelling;
Very low plate-outs in molded plastic applications;
Fine microsphere particle shapes and narrow distribution for easy dipersion and excellent bightness.

Water and solvent-base inks ( gravure, screen) and paints, aerosols
Vinyl (PVC) plastisols, organosols, organosols and calendering; PVC/PU coatings
Molded and extruded polyolefins ( PP/PE/PVC/EVA)
Some synthetic and natural rubber.

Available Colors
1#  Red                                            2#    Pink                                3#  Magenta 
4#  Orange Red                              5#     Orange                           6#   Orange Yellow
7#  Lemon Yellow                           8#     Green                              9#     Blue
10#   Purple(Violet)