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Natural mica metallic pearl pigment

Natural mica platelets coated with Iron dioxide
Fine metallic luster
Popular for eye-shadow,  Vintage Epoxy floor
Factory price: USD12.00 /kg
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Natural mica Metallic pearl pigment
Natural mica coated with Fe2O3
Creat natural look of stone or marble appearance
High temperature resistance, weather resistance
Easy to disperse
Economic and cost effective

VT4001 10-60 um Bronze Bright Bronze Metallic Luster
VT4002 10-60 um Red Brown Bright Red Brown Metallic luster
VT4003 10-60 um Wine Red Bright Wine Red Metallic luster
VT4004 10-60 um Purple Red Bright Purple Red Metallic Luster
VT4006 10-60 um Coffee Bright Coffee Metallic Luster
VT4007 10-60 um Dark Brown Bright Dark Brown Metallic luster
VT4021 5-25 um Satin Brown Soft Bronze Metallic luster
VT4022 5-25 um Satin Red Brown Soft Red Brown Metallic luster
VT4023 5-25 um Satin Wine Brown Soft Wine Red Brown Metallic luster
VT4024 5-25 um Satin Purple Red Soft Purple Red  Metallic luster

Solid content:
Mica     61%-65%       CAS No.:12001-26-2
Fe2O3   35%-39%       CAS No.: 1309-37-1

Leather pigment, epoxy floor paint

Certifications: MSDS, TDS, COA, SGS
Packing details:
25kgs per carton box/ drum
450kgs per tray / pallet
About 6750kg per 20GP