Mica powder

12 colors mica powder set for soap, slime...

Item No.: OR-MPS12C
12 colors mica powder pigment
5g / 10g Net weight per color
100% Natural , Non-taxic
For Soap, Eye shadow, Nail art, Resin Jewelry,
Artist, Craft Projects, candle, blush etc.
100+ colors for your option
Customized packing available
12 Colors Mica Powder Set

 Bath bomb, hand Soap Making Colorant ,
Eye Shadow, Candle Making, Blush, Nail Art,
Resin Jewelry, Artist, Craft Projects 
Net weight: Each color 10g /5g, packed in self-lock plastic bag
Brand: Orcheer / OEM
Features: Non-toxic, Environmental friendly
                Acid and alkali resistant, 300-800oC high temperature resistant
                Vegan and No tested on animals
Particle size: 10-60um;20-100um
Appearence: Dry powder

Color Chart / MSDS
Please kindly email to  color@orcheer.com
                       or call to +86 21 50889055
                       to get download password. 

Packaging :
Customized logo Label available
Customized barcode available
Customized color name and color code label available
Customized Thank card, Application guide available